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Since 1989, NIP has been at the heart of collaborative working. Over the years we have pioneered sophisticated solutions with some of the most forward-thinking organisations in the world.

NIP has developed a suite of expert solutions based on innovative methodologies. These enable companies not only to optimise their internal processes, but also to transform their businesses' capability and performance.

Our Solutions


Public Sector

Public Sector

Our solutions help provide control over all aspects of the procurement process.


Active Contracts Register™

A starting point for contract and spend management


A complete lifecycle management system for Procurement and Commissioning

London Contracts Register

Contract details held by Local Authorities in the Greater London Area

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MedInfoSys, MACentre

We have been providing high value information solutions for pharmaceutical and biotech companies of all sizes since 1991.



A web-based Medical Information enquiry-handling solution, offered primarily on a hosted SaaS (Software as a Service) basis

MA Centre™

A web-based system for tracking marketing authorisation statuses and associated processes

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Relationship Development

PSL Craft, Trust Index

Supporting the development of collaborative business relationships is a long-term NIP commitment.


CRAFT Partnering Toolkit

An online toolbox to capture the collaborative profile of organisations

Trust Index Online Tool

An online tool to benchmark the levels of trust between organisations

BS11000 Support

A new web-based approach to support the implementation of the BS 11000 Collaborative Relationship Standard

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